mini-course shows musicians how to find thousands of new fans at will with a simple Facebook video ad.
In this mini-course music marketing specialist, Ben Fitterman, reveals exactly how to use Facebook ads to significantly grow your fanbase. Use the form below to get free access.
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  •  How to put together your own wildly successful Facebook video ad campaign from scratch. (It’s shockingly simple to get amazing results when you follow my recipe)
  •  The simple yet little known way to upload a video to Facebook that will save you from wasting hundreds of dollars on ads. (I learned this the hard way...and I don’t want you to make the same gut-wrenching mistake).
  •  My “secret weapon” to quickly make audiences of people who are way more likely to enjoy your music. (It’s free to use but most musicians don’t know where it’s hidden.)
  •  The hidden Facebook account that’s loaded with powerful marketing tools that’s totally free but 99% of musicians don’t even know it exists. (I’ll show you exactly how to access it and use these tools like a boss).
  •  A quick and easy way to protect yourself from waking up to a horrifying credit card bill. (Facebook loves making it way too easy for you to spend money if you’re not careful...)
  •  A critical tip that will stop Facebook from watering down your ad campaigns and drive up ad costs. (Facebook is sneaky and the innocent looking “automatic” ad set ups will actually burn you.)
  •  The “Goldilocks and the 3 bears” method for selecting the perfect audience size on Facebook. (Most people shoot themselves in the foot with this before even starting a campaign.)
  •  How to avoid the horrible mistake 99% of musicians make when they write headlines for videos. (It’s so easy to do once you understand the ultimate goal of your video ad.)
  •  And more...
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"Working with Ben was amazing; we talked over my goals and made a concise plan...to target new potential fans. The results were exactly what I hope for and even better, a foundation to keep building on."
Bryce Alvord, producer and artist, Soho Kings
"We wanted to expand our reach and get our music in front of the right people. 
Ben helped us map out a campaign and execute to achieve the results we wanted."
Chris Lane - Station
TYPE YOUR MAIN EMAIL ADDRESS and get free access to the mini-course
Ben Fitterman
Music marketing specialist, Founder of Pink Lava studios

My name’s Ben Fitterman, 

Just like you...music is a passion of mine.

The last 5 years I’ve worked as a live sound engineer in NYC. 

Last year I started Pink Lava Studios with the goal of helping musicians learn to use digital marketing to promote and sell their music online. 

So they can truly be independent musicians and not rely on record labels, blogs and touring to advance their music career.

ANYONE can learn how to do digital marketing. It’s simple. I taught myself and now I’m here to teach you.

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