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Why Getting Your Song On a Spotify Playlist Won’t Grow Your Fan Base.
Written by Ben Fitterman on Feb. 12th 2018
 Why Getting Your Song On a Spotify Playlist Won’t Grow Your Fan Base.

 Today I want to talk about Spotify.

Everyone's using it and the big record labels, see streaming as the savior of the industry. Spotify from a consumer standpoint is awesome. You have access to almost every song for free.

But from the artist's standpoint and music business standpoint, it's not working. The proof is that Spotify this year lost around $600 million.

In fact, I don't even know if they've earned a profit in the entire history of the company. So guys, from a business standpoint, music streaming services are failing.

 Now all the music marketing gurus saying “you gotta get your songs on a tastemaker playlist on Spotify. "Because if you get it on a hot playlist, you’ll get a lot of exposure!!"

That's Spotify’s big promise to artists.

We have 100 million users on our platform. You put your song up, we'll pay you a little bit and you’ll get EXPOSURE!

Well that sounds good at first, but the money that you make from streaming is next to nothing. I've had friends show me their Spotify accounts. In over the course of maybe two years. They've made $100, $200. 

 So what about the exposure? 

Sure it could work. You could get on a cool tastemaker playlist. 

But here's the thing, you're leaving a lot to chance that someone's going to find your song. 
Maybe your song is at the bottom of a 200 song playlist. And are the people that listen to your song going to click to your page? 

Are they going to take the extra effort to leave Spotify and find you?

The other problem with Spotify is it's a data black hole. If you send someone to Spotify from maybe a Facebook post. 

You can't track that. You can't track how many people come to Spotify or where they go if they leave Spotify. That's important to know because if you pay money to get on a playlist, how are you going to track what the result is? 

This is why I hate music marketing gooroos throwing around the word exposure like rice at a wedding.

Guys exposure is absolutely meaningless if you can't track it. 

If you can't track and say, OK, this many people listened to the song and this many people came to my site and this many people signed up to my mail list. This many people bought something. 

You're using the spray and pray method. 

You basically saying, I'm going to put my music out there and just pray that someone is going to come. That's not effective, reliable marketing. 

That's not what all the other industries do for marketing. And musicians need to stop spraying and praying immediately.

So what do you do about this? 

Use Facebook ads and then build an effective and predictable online marketing system where you can track from start to finish how many people are coming and of course sell your products. Because, if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense. 

You want the exposure. You want to identify who your fans are, have a way to get back in touch with them and then grow the relationship with them. That's the most important thing.

If you want to create a reliable marketing system for your band where you can actually track what's going on and sell your product, 

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